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Looking for Zen? Or is your heart closer to Myo?

Myo living room

Myo Apartment

Welcome to MYO Apartment at Hama Seaside Luxury Apartments, where modern sophistication converges with a concept that celebrates sleek aesthetics and refined living, offers comfort and style.


Zen living room

Zen Apartment

Welcome to Zen Apartment at Hama Seaside Luxury Apartments, where contemporary elegance intertwines with a serene concept, creating a harmonious retreat that invites you to find balance and tranquility amidst the coastal paradise.


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    Feedback From Our Valued Guests

    Viktoria F.

    Viktoria F.

    Hama Apartments was an absolute delight

    I recently had the pleasure of staying at Hama Apartments, and I must say, it was an experience beyond compare.

    The Zen apartment was a haven of comfort, meticulously designed with a perfect balance of modern elegance and cozy charm.


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