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Kaze Restaurant

Hama guests are greeted with a special privilege—an exlusive discount at Kaze Seaside Mentality Restaurant

Hama   Seaside Luxury Apartments and Kaze Seaside Mentality Restaurant, two distinct yet harmonious ventures, forge a profound connection rooted in their shared coastal ambiance and commitment to elevating the senses.
Adjacent to Hama, Kaze Seaside Mentality Restaurant embodies the spirit of the coastal environment. Inspired by the ever-moving wind, it offers a culinary experience that encapsulates the essence of freedom and change. The restaurant’s serene atmosphere, coupled with its tantalizing flavors, transports diners to a realm where sea breezes dance with their senses.
With an effortless stroll of a mere 1-minute, guests of Hama Seaside Luxury Apartments find themselves at the doorstep of Kaze Seaside Mentality Restaurant—an invitation to savor a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. A seamless transition from the opulence of their accommodation to the culinary haven that awaits, it is a testament to the convenience and elegance of this extraordinary pairing.
To further enhance the extraordinary experience, Hama guests are greeted with a special privilege—a cherished discount at Kaze Seaside Mentality Restaurant. As the sea breeze weaves whispers of generosity, it is an opportunity to savor not just the tantalizing dishes, but also the exclusive bond between these neighboring havens.




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